Dipping my toes in the world of video.

So over the past few months I have been learning a little about the world of video. By my calculations if a picture is worth 1000 words, 25 pictures per second over 1 minute and 40 seconds is worth 2,500,000 words.

A friend of mine (Antoine) has just built his first drone from bits and pieces he had collected over a period of two months. While we are both new to our respective crafts I thought I would put together my new found fascination of video with his of drones, in a short video.

We both have a lot to learn but I think that there will be some great future content coming as we get better. So have a look and leave a comment if you have any feedback.

Music:¬†The Kyoto Connection –¬†Entrance Into Nebula

Basel (Dornach), Switzerland

1080p downscaled to 720p in Compressor.

Canon 600D

Sigma 17-50mm f2.8

Mobius 1080p

Final Cut Pro X