Die Kassierer Photoshoot – German Punk at its Best

I was lucky enough to be invited along by Sebastian (left in the bottom image) for an afternoon shoot with a great bunch of guys while in Germany over the weekend. Die Kassierer are a German Punk band with a twist from the Ruhr area in Germany. The band formed in 1985 by Wolfgang (left) and plays a kind of satire-punk with some super funny lyrics. A group of guys with a great sense of humour they know how to have a good time!

If you have a chance to look through some of the images of the band in concert you will see just how mind blowing these guys are! Highly recommend a little dive into their history. You can follow the link below for all the info.

My gear was not the best for an indoor photoshoot like this (no flashes). I had planned on a weekend of street Christmas markets and architecture photos. But in the end with a bit of luck, a fantastic backdrop and a great group it came through in the end. Thanks a lot guys and I hope we can meet again in the future.

Check out the video below for a quick run through some of the shots.

Photography Gear Used:

You can see more about the Die Kassierer here.

Die Kassierer Photoshoot

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