Long Exposure Night Photography in London – Part 1/2

It is easy to become uninspired by your surroundings as a photographer. We tend to start to reserve our cameras for only big epic travel adventures. But, it is important to keep our skills sharp. This is why I am always searching for photos.

Lately I have been running a lot in the evening. But have noticed some amazing scenes while out along the canals. As soon as we had a nice evening I grabbed my cameras and headed off to take the shot. This was my journey.

In this video you will see (part one of two) the thought process behind shooting the images. I show you what to look for and work through the process of capturing as much data as possible. The more data the more post-production options we have. Check it out below!

Photography Gear Used:

Edited with:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom CC

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The following are RAW long exposure images from the shoot:

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