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We spent our first night in Plymouth meeting the locals. I was outside taking photos of the sunset when along came to a group of locals. They asked me to take their photos. I returned to the bar and no less than 5 minutes later the locals crashed through the door. They exclaimed that it was their shout for our next few drinks (for taking the photos). We spent the night learning all about Plymouth and some secret Cornwall spots. It was around 1 am before we staggered off home.

We set off on the 2-hour journey due west from Plymouth into the region of Cornwall. Stop one would be St Michael’s Mount. St Michael’s Mount is a small island just off the coast. It is only reachable by foot a couple of hours either side of low tide. It was a Monastery, established between the 8th and 11th century. Since 1650 the St. Aubyn family has owned the developments on the land. You can still visit to do tours of the buildings today. It took two hours to walk the grounds before crossing the path back to the mainland. The next part of our journey took us winding through narrow “Postman Pat” streets towards the end of the world!

On the way to the Land’s End, we took time to stop at Minack Theatre. It is one of the most spectacular open-air theatres in the world. Handcrafted from materials carried down and up the cliffs by a lady named Rowena Cade. She spent every winter working on the theatre to get it ready for the Summer season. A sight to behold. But full of tourists so no great snaps to share.

We fought our way through the crowds of tourists back off the cliff faces to head towards Land’s End. My head was filled with images of rocky cliffs with the ocean crashing below. We were greeted by a theme park, alongside it were thousands of tourists. The carpark looked like that of an American mall on Black Friday. So we did a quick U-Turn and parked up down the road along the coast to take some scenic shots.

This was a long day of driving, but we were able to pack in some amazing sights in a short time. I recommend the journey if you find yourself heading to the UK. Also if you just want to get out of London for a few days.

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