Liestal Fasnacht – Chienbäse Street Photography from Switzerland

The following is a photo essay and short film from my time at the Chienbäse in Liestal, Switzerland. Please have a good look through and let me know what you think of the photos in the comments below.

If you have any questions about the editing or even the carnival itself. If you want to download this Light Room Preset you can do so down below by entering your email and clicking download. Note you will need to do the basic exposure settings (different for each photo) but the colour profiles etc are all applied.

What is it all about (Wikipedia Summary Below)?

On the Sunday night a procession begins of people carrying burning bundles of pinewood chips (called Chienbäse, the Alemannic German for “pinewood besom”). In more recent decades the Chienbäse have been augmented with carts carrying bonfires, with flames often reaching as high as the houses.

The parade is attended by thousands of spectators from Switzerland as well as from countries around the globe, closely packed on either side of the small street.

This ritual is often identified as a “pagan spring ritual” due to the archaic qualities of the fire spectacle, the earliest report of a procession of torch bearers dates to 1869. A tradition of bonfires before Lent has a longer history of attestation, dating from at least the 16th century.

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