Alaaf – Cologne Carnival Chaos!

Cologne, Germany descends into chaos for one week a year in February. The idea being that for this week, there are no rules. The period between the end of the Cologne carnival and Easter (Lent) then follows. During this time people are prompted to give up something that they love. After, the Carnival week I can imagine this usually ends up being drinking!

Around 2 million people attend the carnival events. This results in a serious party that is second only to the infamous carnival of Rio. The pubs of Cologne make over half of their yearly revenue during the week-long festivities. This year I was a willing contributor to the Carnival and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life to date.

It was difficult to make dedicated time to get out and take photos due to the size and chaotic nature of the crowd. But I did manage to get out to one of the parades and into a few of the local bars for some snaps of the atmosphere. All photographers looking to shoot unique street shots should book a ticket for next year, now. Just remember to keep an eye on your camera.

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