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We set off on a 4-day weekend tour from London, with the eventual goal of reaching the Western tip of England. The journey is around 300 Miles (480 Km) if you go from A to B. But what good is a journey if you don’t put a few stops in. To get used to driving in a foreign country, we made the first stop in Bath. Roughly a 2-hour drive from London.

bath uk

Bath dates back to as early as 43 AD. At the time it was the location at which Romans would cross the river Avon that flows through the city (above). In the late 18th century an ancient temple Aquae Sulis was unearthed. This was the site of a roman bathing complex located atop a natural hot spring. This is now the site of a museum (where you can’t swim) and a new modern bathing complex that £32 p/p (more than in roman times I bet!). The city itself provides a diverse range of architecture. From Post-Roman through to the Medieval and Early Modern period. It is an architectural photographer wet (weather) dream.

The weather was nice as we arrived in Bath so we set off walking on a self-guided photo tour. Stop one was the Avon. We then wandered the architecture, but after stopping in the city for something to eat the weather took a serious turn for the worse. This, unfortunately, cut off any great night creative shooting opportunities.

bath united kingdom

Unable to figure out the bus system we opted for a 30min walk in the rain. After thawing out through the night in a bed and breakfast we awoke to more bad weather. After hearing news of better weather further along the coast we set off to our next destination.

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