Photo Essay

creux du van

Creux Du Van

Spending time in Switzerland means that you are exposed to many different languages on a daily basis. I am currently living in the Swiss-German-speaking part of Switzerland. But on a daily basis I am exposed to French, Italian and, well, English. I invest most of my “language” time improving my German. This is now an intermediate Swiss-Germenglish. So to break the mold I have been travelling to both France and the French part of Switzerland to sharpen up my Bonjour. Tack on a good old fashioned kiwi smile and I think you have yourself a pretty nice sentence.

Things to do in Istanbul (Tips from the locals!)

Istanbul is a beautiful city.  The grand scenic shots can be absolutely breathtaking . When you step in and focus in on the macro details, you reveal a world of textures. A combination of exceptional light, people and history make Istanbul a must visit for any photographer.

Fishing in Snowdonia | A Photo Essay

Road trip time. Adrian, Janis and Myself organised a weekend away fishing in the North-West of Wales. What is best described as an Instagrammers paradise! We explored: fields, forests, rivers, lakes and abandoned buildings. A weekend to remember. Here are a few of the snaps from my big camera the video will follow closely behind.

The Druid – Photo Essay from Brecon Beacons

We travelled to Brecon Beacons, a national park in Wales. Here we camped overnight and met a druid. We planned and put together a series of photos that I am pretty proud to call my own.

The Shacklewell Arms – All Day Party

One of my favorite bars and live music venues: The Shacklewell Arms put on an all day party. Running from 4 pm till 10 pm with Kagoule, MOHIT, Husky Loops, Venture Lows and more putting on stellar performances it was well worth the visit. Add to this it was full of some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Walking Kaiser Mountains, Austria

One of the top unknown travel photography destinations: the Kaiser Mountains in Austria. This place is a must visit, especially if you have the opportunity in autumn!