Street Photography

London Pride: Proud to be a Londoner

The 2017 Pride in London Parade, which took place on Saturday 8 July. See a photographic essay of the experience within the crowd of 1 million people here. 

POV Street Photography: London BREXIT Protest

I take you on a guided street photography trip during one of the largest post BREXIT protest in London UK. Over 50,000 people attended the protest. See the POV photography as I move through the crowd interacting with people. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Festival of Lights in London

Over the weekend I took some time to visit the London Lumiere Festival (West End and Kings Cross) and Winter Lights Festival (Canary Wharf). If you want to download this free lightroom preset you can do so down below by entering your email and clicking download. 

POV Street Photography from London

Capturing moments with the people of London is one of my passions. For the first 6 months I spent every Sunday at the Brick Lane market, photographing people. I mounted my small vlogging camera on top of my primary camera. Here is my Journey. Don’t forget to subscribe for more of my videos.

Street Photography around Basel

With the weather of late taking a turn for the worse I have had to abandon the search for grand vistas and stay close to the tram tracks in case of a downpour. Here are just a few images from around the city and surroundings over the past week.

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