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Pontresina Switzerland

Things to do in Pontresina Switzerland

Located in Graubunden, the easternmost and largest of Switzerland’s cantons, the town of Pontresina is a charm. This picturesque resort town with its excellent hotels is one of the most popular summer destinations in Switzerland. Nestled in the green lush valley of Engadine, Pontresina offers quintessential alpine views and hosts a laundry list of leisure …

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creux du van

Creux Du Van

Spending time in Switzerland means that you are exposed to many different languages on a daily basis. I am currently living in the Swiss-German-speaking part of Switzerland. But on a daily basis I am exposed to French, Italian and, well, English. I invest most of my “language” time improving my German. This is now an intermediate Swiss-Germenglish. So to break the mold I have been travelling to both France and the French part of Switzerland to sharpen up my Bonjour. Tack on a good old fashioned kiwi smile and I think you have yourself a pretty nice sentence.

things to do in lanzarote

Top 18 Things To Do In Lanzarote

As part of our travel series, we’ve visited some amazing places on this planet. From the castles in France, Snowdonia National Park and even White Island New Zealand. We try to provide you with some inspiration for your next journey and teach you how to do the same. Lanzarote is a great destination, whether you’re …

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Things to do in Istanbul (Tips from the locals!)

Istanbul is a beautiful city.  The grand scenic shots can be absolutely breathtaking . When you step in and focus in on the macro details, you reveal a world of textures. A combination of exceptional light, people and history make Istanbul a must visit for any photographer.

white island new zealand volcano

White Island – New Zealand

If you have never spent the holiday season in the Southern hemisphere then you are missing out! While a white Christmas and cold New Years are fantastic, but, there is something magical about swimming in the ocean and exploring offshore islands, especially on New Year’s Eve! On this day we made our way to White …

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nazare portugal

Things to Do in Nazaré Portugal

Before we get started, we have other guides on Switzerland and Chernobyl that you might find helpful. If you’re thinking of heading to Europe then those are must-see destinations! We have amazing high quality content here. Now, on with the show with Things to do in Nazare, Portugal. Video from Nazare One of the most popular seaside …

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