DIY Instagram Filters for Lightroom

Learn how to create custom Instagram filters in Lightroom. By using lightroom we have the ability to create amazing custom filters to suit the look you love!


Ultimate Photography Backup Workflow for 2019

Over the years I have developed an ironclad three point back up strategy for my work that makes it very unlikely that I will lose any of my images. The goal of this strategy is to provide a low friction redundant backup system.

how to take long exposure photos

How to Take Long Exposure Photos

Long Exposures are an image that the human eye *cannot* see.  These capture the passing of time in one location. Different than the slice of time that photographs typically capture. Some examples of great subjects for long exposures are: flowing water, moving clouds, traffic at night, light painting and fireworks! So get thinking.

how to upload pictures to instagram from a computer

Upload Photos from DSLR to Instagram 2019

Instagram is becoming more and more of an artist’s platform than a daily life sharing platform. When you search through Instagram, the quality of photos they are improving all the time. If you aren’t up with the game you will be left behind. This of course excludes celebrities who can pretty much do whatever they like and get rewarded for it.

Learn how to use Lightroom, FAST!

Learn how I quickly organise, rate and edit photos in lightroom. If you follow this tutorial you should be able to complete 1000 photos in under an hour.

Do your best work alone?

Reviewing your work is a key contributor to your progression. I have always heard: _”to know where you are going you need to understand where you have come from”_. It is interesting to watch your skills evolve over time. Doing this got me thinking about the way I shoot.