How Camera Filters Work – Chiemsee, Germany

In this episode, I head to Chiemsee in Bavaria - Germany. I teach you how photography filters work, what are the essential photography filters and how to use them. As an added bonus it turned out to be the best sunrise of my life. Sometimes getting up early really is worth it!

In this episode I teach you how camera filters work.

I head to Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany. It was an early start to the day but I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best sunrises of my life. It was a goal of mine for this episode to integrate more “photography talk” into the video. Keeping it compact I ran through all of my thinking and how I was achieving certain looks with the different filters. As a bonus I shot some of the best drone footage to date. Check it out.

The most common question is what gear do you have and what gear do you use. I talk a lot in this film about the Polarising filter, a 10-Stop ND filter and a Variable ND filter. You can see all my gear listed out on the 7 Must Have Camera Accessories article here. If you have a question or comment regarding the filters or anything please drop it in the box below or email me here.

The Film

The Photo Essay

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