Learn how to use Lightroom, FAST!

Learn how I quickly organise, rate and edit photos in lightroom. If you follow this tutorial you should be able to complete 1000 photos in under an hour.

If you follow this tutorial you should be able to completely organise, rate and edit around 1000 photos in under an hour. In the video below I was able to get through 222 photos in around 12 minutes. Once it becomes muscle memory you will never fear the cleanup from a big shoot ever again.

We’ve since been testing alternatives to Lightroom, like Luminar. It’s pretty fast and in our showdown, we compare Lightroom vs Luminar to show you the differences. Also we have an Aurora HDR review if you like HDR images too!

How to use Lightroom Video Tutorial

The video tutorial gives a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire process. Please follow this first, as the article below only gives an outline. Remember to hit that subscribe button too. If you are on a mobile browser hit the Youtube social link below:


I have designed this workflow to be simple and take as few steps as possible. This is a great long term timesaver! Follow along with the video and if you have any questions please post them in Youtube directly or in the comments below.

Steps to follow:

  • Importing images into your catalogue
  • Identifying images worth more time
  • Rating images worth more editing
  • Applying presets
  • Completing the edits
  • Uploading the edits to an cloud accessible storage
  • Post the images online

Trust me it takes a lot less time than you think and once it is done you’ll have a complete rated catalogue of your images. Once you have the majority of your catalogue done like this you are easily able to pull out the best photos from any shoot within a few seconds, from anywhere!


Now comes my favourite part. I love talking with you guys! Lately, there has been a lot of feedback that has sparked really great conversations on Instagram and even articles such as this one.

See also our post here if you want to learn how to upload photos to instagram.

Please try this workflow after your next shoot and see how it goes. If you already have a workflow that differs from me then let me know in the comments on Youtube. I believe that there is always room for improvement and my methodology is by no means the best. Let’s work together to come up with a perfect workflow!

If you’re currently learning how to do photo editing then check out our post on Capture One vs Lightroom here. You may be able to speed up your workflow by switching editors.

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