best film scanner

The Best Film Scanner

When it comes to finding the best film scanner, your needs aren’t the same as someone else’s needs. It would be nice to find the be-all and end of film scanners, but the truth is that you’ll need to dig deep to figure out which scanner best suits your needs. Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo …

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DIY Instagram Filters for Lightroom

Learn how to create custom Instagram filters in Lightroom. By using lightroom we have the ability to create amazing custom filters to suit the look you love!


A Guide to Understanding Camera Modes

Using your camera in “Auto” mode will only ever yield snapshots. These will not have that “wow ” that every photographer strives to achieve. To gain full creative control of your DSLR camera you are going to have to wind that dial past “Auto”.

Ultimate Photography Backup Workflow for 2019

Over the years I have developed an ironclad three point back up strategy for my work that makes it very unlikely that I will lose any of my images. The goal of this strategy is to provide a low friction redundant backup system.

how to take long exposure photos

How to Take Long Exposure Photos

Long Exposures are an image that the human eye *cannot* see.  These capture the passing of time in one location. Different than the slice of time that photographs typically capture. Some examples of great subjects for long exposures are: flowing water, moving clouds, traffic at night, light painting and fireworks! So get thinking.

7 Must have Camera Accessories

You can learn so much from the masters of the art. I began to understand more by learning more from modern photographers and videographers such as Ben Long, Karl Taylor, Jeff Cable, Phillip Bloom and Vincent Laforet. As I started to dissect their images and films I began to realise, the camera doesn’t really matter. There are …

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Canon Canonet G-III review

The Best 35mm film Camera (and How to Buy Them!)

Film photography leaves you little to room for editing. The second hand film camera market is in full swing. Think of it as the easiest way to get into full frame photography (or an even larger format) for very little money. But with so many options available where is the best place to start?


how to make money with photography

How to Make Money with Photography

Let’s face it photography is an expensive hobby. Learn how to sell photography and how to make money from photography with this article for beginners. 

Best Street Photography Camera 2019 (The Fuji LineUp!)

I genuinely believe that I have purchased the best price to performance fuji system for street photography available on the market. Should I change my mind in a matter of months, it won’t cost me a cent. This article is a summary of the criteria and research I conducted before purchasing my latest street photography camera. The results from my first street photography shoots are also included with a full review to come.

How to Critique a Photograph

In order to improve your photography, you need to become your own worst critic. The easiest way to become a great photographer is to only share your best work. But how do you identify your best work?

Make a Raspberry Pi Time-lapse Camera

What if I told you that for around $50 you could construct a fully remote timelapse rig using a raspberry pi, a camera module and (optionally) a battery pack. Learn how to make your own automated timelapse rig by following these steps!

35mm Slide Film Guide

In a world where your smartphone can crank out perfectly lit photos at 12 megapixels in cascades of HDR bursts, shooting film might make you feel like a caveman (or cave lady). I totally get it! I’m not one to throw out a good iPhone shot #Instaiphone #instaapple #iOs. Before we roll if you are …

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how to upload pictures to instagram from a computer

Upload Photos from DSLR to Instagram 2019

Instagram is becoming more and more of an artist’s platform than a daily life sharing platform. When you search through Instagram, the quality of photos they are improving all the time. If you aren’t up with the game you will be left behind. This of course excludes celebrities who can pretty much do whatever they like and get rewarded for it.

How to Develop Film at Home

Developing film is easy. In this article, I will show you how you can develop film at home. Specifically, we will develop Kodak Tri-X 400 film using Ilford Ilfosol 3 developer. You should be able to get started with a basic kit for around £70. Enough preamble, here is the process. We have a lot …

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Nikon FM2 Review (with lots of test photos!)

To rekindle my love of photography I set out to explore Broadstairs, UK with a Nikon FM2. Inside you will find a travel video, Broadstairs guide and a review with shots from the Nikon FM2.

Travel Photography Tutorial In London UK

Street photography tutorial from London UK. Professional photography tips and a guided tour video from one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Get out there and take more photos guys!

architectural photography tips

8 Architectural Photography Tips

Trying to improve your Architectural photography? So am I. Over the past few months I have been working really hard to develop a workflow that produces consistent results. Here it is.

Learn how to use Lightroom, FAST!

Learn how I quickly organise, rate and edit photos in lightroom. If you follow this tutorial you should be able to complete 1000 photos in under an hour.

How Camera Filters Work – Chiemsee, Germany

In this episode, I head to Chiemsee in Bavaria – Germany. I teach you how photography filters work, what are the essential photography filters and how to use them. As an added bonus it turned out to be the best sunrise of my life. Sometimes getting up early really is worth it!

How To Use Manual Focus

There are basically two ways in which to manually focus your your camera. It largely depends on what you are taking photos of as to what method you use. Learning how to manually focus a lens will make you a better photographer. It’s as simple as that. It forces you to think about your subject, frame it and then build your image around it. Also, when you are unable to use autofocus you will be able to default to your manual skills!

How to Photograph Sunrise (from New Zealand)

In this video I was the first glimpse of sun for 2016 anywhere on the planet. While working around the reef taking photos of the island I shared my thought process. I hope you can use these tips at sunrise / sunset to improve the quality of your photography.

Photography Tips for Iceland

The video inside is a few of the photography tips I recorded while in Iceland. Hopefully you find them helpful! Check it out.


How to photograph fireworks

We have all seen our fair share of blurry smartphone photos that vaguely look like fireworks. Smartphone cameras are getting better, but they are *still* no match for an actual camera and a bit of knowledge. The aim of this article is to help you take technically better and more interesting photos of fireworks.

Learn about Exposure – Photography Tips

Exposure is the _most_ fundamental concept to wrap your head around in photography. Each photograph is an individual  exposure (excluding double exposures) comprised of three components: aperture, iso and shutter speed.