Urbex – London Rooftop Photography (46 Floors Up!)

As part of my day job, I was tasked with taking surveying photos of one of our buildings. This involves shooting from the ground, then (the best part) shooting from the roof. The building is located near Canary Wharf and provided a unique view of the city. London rooftop photography provides some of the most iconic views in the world.

As always it would have been better to have a little more time to slow down and pull apart the scene. But, shooting could only start after the surveying was complete. As the light was fading, I had to hurry.

The view from the roof was spectacular. From here you can follow the Thames all the way to the heart of the city. Reminded me a little of the “Wizard of OZ” for some reason. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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iPhone Wallpapers

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