Breathtaking Drone Footage from Canet, France

In this episode, I head from London to Canet, France. This is the beginning of an amazing 4-day journey through the South of France.

Mum has come over from New Zealand on a journey to Southern France. We are going to have a couple of adventures to celebrate Mother’s Day in style. During this time I will head out for a few photographic expeditions to get some new shots.

The plan for the trip includes a visit to the Mediterranean sea, the cities of Narbonne and Toulouse and at least 2 castles. The first day below comprises of the trip from London to Canet (outside Narbonne). From here the adventures are on! Check it out below.

If you have any questions around locations or how/why I did certain things, contact me using any of the social channels below. Or, just use the comment section after the pictures.

[themify_map address=”canet france” width=”100%” zoom=”2″ type=”terrain”]

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