Luminar AI Review

Skylum Luminar has just recently announced a new iteration to the software - Luminar AI. In this review we show you exactly how you use the Luminar AI.
luminar ai review

Skylum, the company behind the popular photo-editing software Luminar has just recently announced a new iteration to the software – Luminar AI. As it is with most other the photo editing software these days, Skylum too seems to have embraced the buzzword i.e. Artificial Intelligence with this update. It is noteworthy that the previous version of the software, Luminar 4, too had some AI-assisted features built-in. So, it will be interesting to see what tricks the new Luminar AI will be packing under its sleeves. See our full Luminar 4 Review and Luminar 4 Tutorial here.

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If you’re familiar with Luminar 4, you must be aware of the AI-assisted options like AI Enhance, AI Structure, AI Sky Replacement (my favorite feature), AI Augmented Sky, and the AI-assisted skin and portrait enhancer. The AI features in Luminar 4 were pretty impressive. While I felt that the AI Augment Sky feature was a bit gimmicky, everything else worked quite in quite an impressive way. I was totally blown away by the performance and the quality of output. Hence, I have a firm belief that Luminar AI will be an upgrade one cannot afford to miss.

What is Luminar AI’s Objective?

The core objective of investing resources into AI is to make one’s work easier. It looks forward to making the photo-editing process faster without making it too complicated. Luminar AI will be bringing in powerful features assisted by AI so that you can achieve professional-quality edits in a matter of seconds, with the least number of clicks possible. Powerful does not necessarily mean that it needs to be complex after all.  AI can facilitate the photo editing process in many ways:

  • analyze the image and suggest edits automatically
  • make it easier for the users to make any adjustments by doing most of the heavy-lifting
  • study the user’s editing behavior, and suggest edits automatically that is close (or identical) to the user’s previous edits

luminar AI portrait example 1

This is exactly what Luminar AI is trying to achieve. The software has been designed with the intention of saving time so that the creators can invest more of their time in doing what they do best – creating content, and not spending countless hours in front of their computer, editing images.

LuminarAI makes complex editing easier than ever before thanks to unique AI-powered tools. LuminarAI removes boring and complex tasks without sacrificing professional quality. Artificial intelligence lets the visual artist focus on results and not the process.

The Looks tab that users of Luminar 4 should be well aware of, is all set to be replaced by Templates. Forming the core of Luminar AI, Templates will allow the software to recognize the content of an image, and suggest the best edits in the form of Templates to speed up the editing process. You will be able to use those suggested Templates either as a starting point, or simply accept it as the final image. In any way, you will definitely be saving a lot of time.

LuminarAI will help make image editing easier for everyone. We’ve removed the boring and difficult parts of photo editing without sacrificing creativity. LuminarAI will be a great tool in a creator’s workflow. They can focus on great results — not on the process of editing,

Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum

luminar AI portrait example 2

The AI Bits in Luminar AI

If you’d guessed that Luminar AI will just be another upgrade to the existing Luminar 4 with some modules and panels added to it, I’m happy to let you know that you’d be totally wrong. Skylum has built this iteration of the software entirely from scratch and Luminar AI is expected to perform better than any of the previous iterations. Luminar AI will still feature some of the features that are already present in Luminar 4, but those have been rewritten as well. So, any feature that has been duplicated from Luminar 4 will perform better in Luminar AI.

Besides the refinement in performance, Luminar AI is also set to debut a good number of AI-powered features to make your workflow a whole lot less time-consuming. As for the newer AI features in Luminar AI, we’ll be seeing them in three broad categories viz. portraits, landscapes, and cropping.

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Editing People and Portraits in Luminar AI

Luminar 4 already does a pretty good job of editing a portrait using some AI features. I love the fact that it can automatically handle flaws in the skin, brighten the face, whiten the eyes and teeth, improve clarity in the eyes, and also slim the face amongst other features. Building on the success of these features in Luminar 4, Luminar AI is all set to introduce the following AI-assisted features:

  • Body AI will help you in making the bodies of your subjects appear lighter or heavier as needed.
  • Iris AI will add life to the portraits by creating expressive and breathtaking eyes with a natural spark.
  • Face AI will allow you to naturally touch-up the face, enhance lips, teeth, and also tackle those dark circles.
  • Skin AI will intelligently get rid of unwanted blemishes without affecting the skin texture and hair.
  • Accent AI will ensure that the lighting in your images appears natural while adding life-like colors.
  • Bokeh AI will help you add emphasis to the subject by emulating background blur.

To understand how these features can help you with your images, see the example below:

luminar AI portrait example 3

If you’re looking to sharpen up an out of focus image then we recommend you pick up Topaz Sharpen AI (See our review here). It can restore detail to those shots where you just missed focus.

Editing Landscapes in Luminar AI

Similar to working with people and portraits, Luminar AI will also be featuring some new features while improving some existing features that are specific to editing landscape images. With these updates and inclusion, Skylum wants to aid you in creating some enchanting outdoor photos.

Structure AI will now be smarter. It will be able to different people, water, skies, and other objects and enhance the details by adding depth and clarity only to those areas that actually need them.

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Sky AI will be the new version of the Sky Replacement tool in Luminar AI. This will let you change the mood of your photo in seconds by completely changing the sky. Additionally, you will also be able to adjust the lighting in the image so that the colors of the original image match the colors of the new sky. This will make the blend seamless.

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Color Harmony tool will help you put a finishing touch to your images by giving you control over color depth and balance.

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Supercontrast  feature in Luminar AI will add details and bring new depth to a photo.

supercontrast luminar ai

Mood will bring color to life by with its new color palettes.

mood AI review

Golden Hour and Sunrays will help you achieve a warm look, and add sun rays to your images respectively.

golden hour sunrays AI

Just going through this feature list and the demo photos, we can already guess that Luminar AI is surely going to be an interesting piece of software. Well, it’s not that other software cannot achieve these looks; being able to do it within a matter of a few clicks is what sets Luminar AI apart from the rest.

Check out the Luminar Looks we have here if you’re looking to quickly edit your images.

Smart Composition Adjustment in Luminar AI

Another interesting feature that Luminar AI will have in its bag of tricks is what Skylum calls CompositionAI. At this point, the company has not elaborated much on this feature but this is what they have to say about this feature.

You’ll always get the perfect crop with CompositionAI. Smart engine blends the golden rules of composition plus the expertise of the world’s best photographers.

Luminar AI Availability and Pricing

Luminar AI will be launched as a stand-alone application, and as a plug-in (just like Luminar 4) for Windows (version 10 or higher, 64-bit only) and macOS (version 10.13.6 or higher) this holiday season.

luminar AI pricing

While Luminar AI is priced at USD 99.00, you can get it at a subsidized rate of USD 89.00 with our discount code “KIWI10”. If you want to make the best of this offer, head on over to their official page and order your copy of Luminar AI today.

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