Photography Blog Ideas (from The Best in the Business)

A list of the best photography blogs to draw inspiration from. These recommended photography websites help you get ideas to push your photography forward.

This article will run you through some of the best photography blog ideas by studying some of the best in the business. Over the years, I have regularly followed a select set of blogs and websites to inspire and improve my photography. Everyone has different tastes. I add them to a google chrome bookmark folder and then remove and add as necessary. Feel free to bookmark these pages and then add to (or delete) them as time goes on. The following are some of my favorites in their respective fields:

Photography Blog Ideas

Portrait of Joey L from his Twitter Portrait of Joey L from his Twitter

Joey L

“Joey L. is a commercial photographer, director and published author based in Brooklyn, New York.”

Joey’s portraiture has a distinct, dramatic tone and it is some of the best in the business. He photographs people from all walks of life. His portfolio consists of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, but ranges to people met on personal projects throughout Africa. Check out his Creative Live below! tutorials for the full course. Here Joey comes into his own, explaining the art of portraiture and walking through his methodology on an actual shoot. The lighting is superb and a true inspiration to anyone looking to get into the world of portraiture.

See Joey’s work here or his CreativeLive Class here

Portrait of Scott from 500px Portrait of Scott from 500px

Scott Rinckenberger

Scott Rinckenberger’s work struck a chord with me from the first moment I stumbled across him. He is a fine art, landscape and adventure photographer. Like me he has a passion to explore and frame unique scenes of areas rarely gazed at by humans. Scott has received a number of awards for his works and frequently exhibits them. With his impressive commercial client list Scott Rinckenberger is one photographer to keep an eye on.

See Scott’s work here

Portrait of Kitra from TED Portrait of Kitra from TED

Kitra Cahana

Kitra Cahana is a documentary/fine art photographer and videographer. She is firmly focussed on exploring social, anthropological and spiritual aspects of life. This is evident in her art documentary work, which has a distinct, ghostly quality to it that is truly one of a kind. If you have an interest in documentary photography I highly recommend viewing Kitras work. Her piece on Nomads is wonderfully curated and tells a potent tale of the life these people live. Truly breathtaking.

See Kitra’s work here

Portrait of Chase from YouTube Portrait of Chase from YouTube

Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a professional photographer, director, artist and entrepreneur. He has won many awards for his work and is one of the industries most innovative professionals. In 2010 he founded [CreativeLive][2] to provide an online platform in which to share information from some of the worlds top professional photographers. He has inspired me to learn a lot more about photography. I mean who wouldn’t want to learn from a guy who has such a great bio?

“I haven’t swashbuckled with pirates, nor have I swam the English Channel. I haven’t even been to Antarctica. But I have travelled to many far away places, created a lot of still and moving pictures for myself and others. And I’ve made it my life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavour.” – [> Chase Jarvis][3]

See Chase’s blog here or on CreativeLive here

Portrait of Eric from his BIO Portrait of Eric from his BIO

Eric Kim

Eric is an eduacator and photographer who is very active in the street photography scene. He is a long time practitioner of keeping things simple. I really admire this about Eric. He shoots only street photography with one point and shoot camera and one lens. Stating that it was this simplicity that led to the greatest improvements in his photography. Eric has built a considerable name for himself and strives to be one of the leading educators. His tag line:

“My life’s mission is to produce as much “Open Source Photography,” to make photography education accessible to all.”

See Eric’s website here

Portrait of Mike from Pintrest (strangely difficult to put a face to the name!) Portrait of Mike from Pintrest (strangely difficult to put a face to the name!)

Mike Brodie Photography

Mike Brodie was a unique gift to the world of photography. He was given a Polaroid camera in 2004 and spent 4 years travelling the U.S. He is a self taught photographer that has compiled one of the most honest collections of American travel photography that exists today. In 2008 as abruptly as it began, he ended his photographic carrier. Permanently hanging up the camera. But his legacy of photographs remain and are travelling America in a series of exhibitions.

See Mike’s work here

Portrait of Corey. See his Instagram here. Portrait of Corey. See his Instagram here.

Corey Arnold

As an avid fisherman, I was initially drawn to Corey when researching fishing photography. Corey Arnols is a commercial fisherman who has worked throughout the world. His lifelong personal project showcases the intimate relationship between the people in the commercial fishing industry and the ocean. He has an impressive portfolio that has been featured in many of the worlds top magazines and exhibited all around the world.

“Each summer he runs a wild salmon fishing operation out of an abandoned cannery near Bristol Bay, Alaska. He spends his winters in Portland, Oregon where he keeps his skateboard and his plus-sized cat. ” An excerpt from Corey Arnold’s bio that made me smile!

See Corey’s work here

Portrait of Edward from TED Portrait of Edward from TED

Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky’s images are some of the most hard hitting landscapes you will ever see. Steeped in a rich contrast they focus on depicting mans insatiable appetite for progress, no matter the cost. His work is centred around industrial landscapes and his work is housed in over 60 public galleries around the world. Words cannot do his words justice. I recommend having a good look through his website. If you are into point and shoot camera his work was showcased in Manufactured Landscapes (on Netflix) and has one of the most amazing opening scenes of any documentary I have seen.

See Edward’s work here

Portrait of Thomas taken from his Flickr Portrait of Thomas taken from his Flickr

Thomas Leuthard

I first ran across Thomas Leuthard when researching photography in Switzerland. He is based in the centre of Switzerland and spends the most part of his time travelling to the worlds largest cities to capture life. He has a passion for street photography, not only to capture the moment, but to meet people and make new friends. A trait often shared between street photographers. He holds a number of workshops and has the goal to bring together photographers from all over the world to do what they love.

“When it comes to street photography, we are all equal.” Thomas Leuthard

See Thomas’ work here

Portrait of Tomasz. See his facebook here Portrait of Tomasz. See his facebook here

Tomasz Gudzowaty

My family roots lie in Poland. When researching Poland and photography in the area I came across Tomasz Gudzowaty. He is a passionate black and white portrait-style photographer. Like many photographers, he began with nature before progressing through the genres and arriving at a form of social documentary-style photography and more recently, non-commercial sports photography i.e. those that are not covered by traditional media. His work has been featured in many of the world’s largest forums. He has won photo of the year multiple times, along with a slew of photojournalistic awards. Tomasz’s work will make you stop, and look.

See Tomasz’ work here


So that is my list of inspiration. When I need new ideas or would like to check in with my favorite photographers, I head on over to their sites. Where do you draw your inspiration from? If you have some others drop them in the comments below I would love to see and hopefully, we can all learn from each other too!

Thanks for reading.


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