The best seat on a London train – London DLR

If you have a camera and are interested in getting the best seat on any train in London then this guide is for you! The front seat of the DLR in London.

Getting a seat on a train in London is almost impossible. But when you do there is a slight sense of accomplishment that only a Londoner can truly appreciate. There is one seat that is coveted above all others. The front seat of the London DLR (Docklands Light Rail).

The DLR is an automated rail system that (because it has no driver) provides front row seats from the heart of the city, back east. From Bank you can take trains directly East or take a slight turn south to head through the Docklands.

Where does the London DLR go?

The trick is to beeline for the front of the train at Bank station where the train is empty. Here you want to find the very front most seat where you are greeted with the above view. Then, drop a big smile as you roll away from the station. Stabilise your camera on the dashboard and drag your shutter for 1/20 of a second or as slow as Shutter Priority mode sill let you do and here are the results!

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