The Warren – Best Walk in London! (only a 45 min train)

Out-of-the-loop is fast becoming one of our favourite websites here at Cultured Kiwi. At Out-of-the-Loop they list a growing number of amazing walks that are easily accessible by train from the centre of London. You take the train to one location, then walk to another train station. The distance varies – greatly! Almost every weekend, we’re out exploring a unique part of the country that we wouldn’t have known about without this little treasure trove of itineraries!

This weekend, we headed for the White Cliffs of Dover and got the chance to explore the unique ecosystem of The Warren. It ended up being the best walk in London that I have ever done. By far!

What is The Warren?

The Warren is a one of a kind semi-tropical habitat perched along the white cliffs of Dover. The flora and fauna under the canopy are mindblowing and you feel like you’re deep in a tropical jungle – not kidding! The Warren even has its own, indigenous species of butterflies and dragonflies. The majority of routes through The Warren consist of steep inclines, steps and uneven surfaces. But the payoff is worth the sometimes treacherous path. See the video below for a full breakdown of the walk, and eventually our bodies.

You can see more of the activities available to do through the Explore Kent website.

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Where is the best walk in London?

Well we kind of cheated here, it’s a short train ride away, but as it often takes this long to transfer across Lonon, we count it as in London!

Information about the day walk:

Things to See

For a full breakdown of what to see and exactly what to do please visit out-of-the-loop and print a copy of their PDF before you leave.

What should you Eat

Food options are fairly scarce on this journey. You are going to make sure you pack all your food with you, and a lot of water. There is a tea room at the railroad cafe and a second after the initial descent into the warren. Other than that, you are on your own, until you get into Dover.

How long will the walk take?

It took us around 8-9 hours to complete the walk. We were however filming and taking photos of everything. So if you were not doing that I can imagine it would be easily 1-2 hours shorter.

Photos of the Warren:

Thanks so much for reading. It was our pleasure to put together this body of work. It is the best walk in London, by far. If you live in London, you must do this walk!

Photos/Video – Ben Kepka

Words – Alex Kaschuta