URBEX Photography from Poland

Luminar 4

Chances are if you’ve landed here you’d like to see some URBEX from Chernobyl? It was truly the most amazing trip I have ever been on!

In this episode, I travel to Tomaszow in Poland for a family wedding. While there I had a few hours to use before the wedding. I grabbed a bike and my camera and headed to an abandoned factory for some Urbex Photography. If you are ever in Warsaw then I highly recommend doing the journey here to have a look.

The Video

Where was the URBEX Photography shot?

If you have any questions around locations or how/why I did certain things, contact me using any of the social channels below. Or, just use the comment section after the pictures. IF YOU ARE ON A MOBILE BROWSER hit that PLAY button below to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel!

The most common question is what gear did you take xxx with. I have taken the liberty of answering that here:

  • Canon 5d Mark III
  • Canon 24 – 70 2.8 ii
  • Canon G7X

…and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

abandoned communist factory