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What is Cultured Kiwi?

Only 400 years of history makes New Zealand a relatively new culture. We have a small country full of amazing people, who create incredible things. Sir Ernest Rutherford was the first to split the atom and Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to conquer Mt. Everest. We were the first country to grant women the vote. Not bad for an island nation deep in the Pacific.

Our thirst to amaze never slowed as we moved forward into the technological age. Kiwi creators are responsible for some of the most stunning content on the planet. With a beautiful country like New Zealand as the backdrop for our origin story, it’s no wonder.

Travel Stories

You’ll find Kiwis all over the globe. We’re full of stories every time we meet. Telling tall tales of the places we’ve visited and often fiercely competing as to who has traveled to the most obscure locations. Cultured Kiwi is a hub created to share stories, connect to other travel fanatics and get the best tips for your own adventures and photography, with a bit of extra exposure sprinkled on top!

travel stories
photo essays

Photo Essays

Why not tell the story of a journey or a place through images? Often, too many words distract from the indescribable. We’ve regularly found ourselves scrolling through websites for countless hours lost in magnificent photo essays. Heck, Instagram built their entire business around posting a single image. A well thought out photo essay is a body of work that deserves to be celebrated and shared.


A feature interview series with Kiwi creators is in the works as well. We focus on short interviews where we dissect a piece of content by the creator and let that story lead us to how they got to where they are today. So far, they have been a blast to record and we can’t wait to share them with you!

reviews tricks and tips

Reviews, Tricks and Tips

Ultimately we all want to take away something from any content we consume. We should all strive to create content around a narrative that strives to educate,  illustrate or encapsulate. Whether through classic kiwi humour or good old know-how, everyone likes something to take away and share with a friend. 


Videos are the future, and the future is now! While we know how much hard work goes into them, the end product can captivate an audience like nothing else. The worst part about making a film is when all that effort only gets seen by a few people. So, let’s change that. Why not share your travel adventures on the global stage with other Kiwi creators and get your stories out there!


Current Partners

Lonely Planet – Since 2014

We want to foster the best talent out there and help share your incredible stories with a global audience. As a Lonely Planet Pathfinder you’ll be able to take on a range of tasks, from writing content for our website and sharing tips and advice with the Lonely Planet community to becoming an official brand ambassador.

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Minaal – Since 2015

Minaal makes durable, professional travel bags and daily gear that gets you where … is the backpack you’ve been looking for to complement your daily transitions.

minaal backpacks

Avis Europe – Since 2015

Driving through Europe is one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in this fascinating continent and why not do it from the comfort of your Avis hire car? We have car hire locations at nearly every major airport in Europe – we’ll see you there, ready and waiting to help …

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Cultured Kiwi Founder

Hi my name is Ben Kepka I am the founder here at Cultured Kiwi. It’s been my passion to share our unique culture with the world and empower Kiwi creators to share their gift.

To get in touch please use the following address:

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ben kepka