The Shacklewell Arms – All Day Party

One of my favorite bars and live music venues: The Shacklewell Arms put on an all day party. Running from 4 pm till 10 pm with Kagoule, MOHIT, Husky Loops, Venture Lows and more putting on stellar performances it was well worth the visit. Add to this it was full of some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Visuals from the Lewes Bonfire Night – UK

My experience at the Lewes bonfire night in the UK November 5th 2016. We travelled from London to experience the evening. If you like casual EDM music and fire then this video is for you 😉

Do your best work alone?

Reviewing your work is a key contributor to your progression. I have always heard: _”to know where you are going you need to understand where you have come from”_. It is interesting to watch your skills evolve over time. Doing this got me thinking about the way I shoot.

Shooting Sunset in Napier, New Zealand with Mum

In this video I had just arrived in Napier, New Zealand after 30 hours of travel back from London. Mum and I went up to check out sunset from a local viewpoint called Bluff Hill in Napier.

How to Photograph Sunrise (from New Zealand)

In this video I was the first glimpse of sun for 2016 anywhere on the planet. While working around the reef taking photos of the island I shared my thought process. I hope you can use these tips at sunrise / sunset to improve the quality of your photography.

Urbex – London Rooftop Photography (46 Floors Up!)

As part of my day job I was tasked with taking surveying photos of one of our buildings. This involves shooting from the ground, then (the best part) shooting from the roof. The building is located near Canary Wharf and provided a unique view of the city.