Touchnote Review in 2022 (The Best Postcard App?)

If you've been looking for an easier way to stay in touch with family and friends while you're away travelling or working, consider using TouchNote postcards.
touchnote postcard app review

In this TouchNote review we show you how you can send postcards to anyone in the world from your smartphone. This postcard app allows you to easily send postcards to your friends and family all over the world.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming decline in customer service by Touchnote since the publication of this article we can no longer recommend you use them. We do however recommend My Postcard. They have over 40000 very positive reviews and fast, worldwide delivery.

Let’s face it, travel photography is amazing! You’re constantly moving from place to place, having new experiences, trying new things. But it does mean that you’re away from your loved ones for long periods of time.

While I’m travelling, I miss my family back home – but it’s still hard to find time to get in touch when you’re on the move and living in different time zones. That’s when I discovered Touchnote!

This app allows you to create personalized postcards quickly and easily and send them anywhere in the world. We sent postcards while visiting Snowdonia, Morocco, Grindelwald and French Castles. If you need help editing your images then check out our Luminar AI review, where we compare it to Lightroom and Aurora. See the full Aurora HDR Review here.

So here’s my Touchnote review. Read on to find out more about this great personalized postcard service.

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Things to Consider Before Using Touchnote

TouchNote is ideal if you spend a lot of time travelling from place to place. It’s perfect for photographers because you can share your own snaps with friends and family, no matter where you are in the world. With worldwide postage included, it takes a lot of the hassle out of having to write an email or physically send a postcard yourself.

You don’t need to navigate foreign postal systems or think about where to buy postcards, and it’s so much simpler and quicker to let your family know you’re thinking of them.

For me, it’s hard to be away so often from my nieces and nephews as they grow up. I miss out on a lot of milestones and special occasions. They’re too young to be online, using email or social media. Using TouchNote postcards has helped me build that connection with them and it makes sending greeting cards on birthdays and holidays really easy.

If you have relatives who aren’t tech savvy – maybe grandparents or young family members – or you just like the charm of snail mail, TouchNote will appeal to you. It gives your friends and family a physical reminder they can see every day, on the fridge or the pinboard.

And it’s a fantastic way to share your best shots and let them see what you’ve been getting up to!

If you prefer email or Facebook updates and the instant gratification of message exchanges, TouchNote may not be for you. It can’t compete with the instant effect of social media. But with TouchNote you create special mementoes which will be treasured for years to come. You can definitely use TouchNote alongside online messaging to add another layer to your interaction with your friends and family while you’re abroad.

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All About TouchNote

TouchNote allows you to create great quality postcards or greetings cards using your own photos on their website or free app and worldwide postage is included. Wherever you are, you can send your loved ones a personalized postcard or greeting card to let them know you’re thinking of them, mark a special day or just show them what you’ve been getting up to lately.

TouchNote allows you save addresses in their app, so that you don’t have to type them out each time. I’ve found this so useful when I’m using my iPhone – it can be cumbersome to enter addresses again and again.

The postcards are printed on top-quality card with a glossy finish. I’ve been impressed by how professional and well-finished they look. Postcards arrive within 1-3 days in the UK, 3-5 days in the USA and Europe and in under 10 days for the rest of the world.

Recently, TouchNote have branched out to offer other personalized products too, like canvases and framed photos. These make lovely, thoughtful gifts.


  • Save time and create a personalized postcard in minutes – TouchNote will handle the postage so you don’t have to
  • Make use of a whole range of design elements
  • Save addresses in the app
  • Buy credits in bulk for lower TouchNote cost – or just pay as you go


  • It’s possible that postcards will get lost in the post – but TouchNote state that less than 0.2% of the cards they send go missing
  • Takes longer than email
  • There’s no lower price for sending cards within the UK or the USA compared to further destinations
  • Using the website is less user-friendly than the app – use the app on your smartphone if you can
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TouchNote Cost – Affordable and Flexible

So, how much does TouchNote cost?

TouchNote offers a single pricing point, no matter where in the world you send your postcards. 1 credit will send a postcard literally anywhere. This makes them a really affordable choice if you’re going to be sending postcards to or from exotic locations all over the globe.

Credit packs have anywhere from 5-90 credits in them. 1 credit is good for a postcard. You’ll need 2 for a greeting card. How much does TouchNote cost? It depends on how many credits you buy. They start at $9.95 for 5 credits ($1.99 a credit) but if you buy 90, they average out as $1.67 each.

There’s also the option of getting a TouchNote Premium membership, if you regularly send out postcards each month. There are different tiers, with the cheapest starting at £2.99/month.

How to make postcards using TouchNote

Before you think about how to make postcards and start getting creative, you’ll need to sign up for a TouchNote account. Don’t worry! It’s quick and pain-free.

Then you select the project you want to make. If you’ve been worrying about how to fill out a postcard, it’s really simple. On the front, you can play with the layout, using up to 4 photos, and the caption. Once you’ve uploaded and positioned your photos and chosen your caption, it’s time to write your postcard.

The postcard back template is where you’ll write your message. So just type out your chosen message on the postcard back template, select the correct address and choose your payment method (using credits, card payment or PayPal). And you’re done!

It’s really easy to learn how to fill out a postcard using TouchNote’s simple and intuitive interface. Even for those who aren’t tech-savvy!

Add a little Extra Magic to Your Postcards

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that the typeface fonts in printed postcards and giftcards can feel cold and unfriendly. TouchNote have solved this problem with their Magic Writing. You can add this onto any of your postcards. It’s basically fonts which look hand-written, to add that extra personal touch.

You can also select Magic Art, illustrations by professional artists, and Magic Stamp (for UK postcards) which lets you create a custom stamp from your own photo. These quirky features really make your postcards stand out and look different.

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Create Amazing Gifts like Canvases and Framed Photos

TouchNote postcards are great, but they have a lot more to offer too. You can create beautiful personalized canvases or send a framed photo as a gift. If you want to do something a bit more special, these options are fantastic. The quality is brilliant and they’ll be sent straight to your chosen address. They make for sweet birthday gifts when you’re far away. Missing your mum? Send her a favourite photo of the two of you together!

What’s included in TouchNote Premium?

If you like the sound of everything so far, you might be even further tempted by the TouchNote Premium membership. There are 4 options to choose from. You get 1 postcard/month with the cheapest, the Bronze membership, whilst with the Platinum you get a whopping 12 Postcards or 6 greeting cards each month. There are lots of other special features included like extra design features, beautiful illustrations, the option to add a map to your postcard or even to use your photo as a custom postage stamp!

Getting the Premium Membership is completely optional. But if you think the extra features and the regular credits would come in handy, it’s worth taking a look.

TouchNote also offers you the flexibility of buying credit bundles or paying for individual postcards. I loved this! If I knew I was going to be sending loads of postcards over the coming months, I could stock up on credits. These can be used against greetings cards or postcards, and they save you money.

You can also pay for each postcard individually, by PayPal, debit or credit card.

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TouchNote gets great reviews from users!

This all sounds amazing, but I wanted to hear from people who’ve actually used TouchNote and see what their experiences were. So I scoured the internet and found loads of positive reviews:

Dean said: “Love TouchNote! I used it for the first time on a recent trip, to create and send postcards about our adventures. The process was quick and easy, and the cards looked amazing when they arrived. I will use this again… so much more awesome than just buying a generic postcard.”

Larisa loved it for staying in touch with family members who don’t use tech: “Love this app. It’s so easy to send postcards with photos and little notes to our friends and family all over the world. Especially great for family who aren’t tech savvy and pretty snail mail updates.”

And Julia enthused too: “Amazing prints and professional mount. So pleased with my prints which arrived wrapped with loads of protection and in good time! Perfect!”

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Other Postcard Services Out There

TouchNote isn’t the only personalized postcard service out there. The competition is fierce, and each has their own USPs.

my postcard review


MyPostcard allows you to use 6 or even 9 photos to create a mosaic postcard effect, while TouchNote has a maximum of 4 photos. So on this note when comparing TouchNote vs MyPostcard, MyPostcard has the edge.

MyPostcard also allows you to design postcards with no message and order them in packs. You’ll receive the blank postcards and handwrite the message yourself. TouchNote doesn’t offer this blank postcards option. There are times when it could come in very handy – I’m thinking of writing hundreds of thank you letters for wedding presents, for example! So if this is what you’re looking for, choose MyPostcard.

Product wise when weighing up TouchNote vs MyPostcard, MyPostcard just doesn’t have the same range available as TouchNote, like the beautiful canvases and framed photos that TouchNote does. And TouchNote’s intuitive, user-friendly app is hard to beat.

  • MyPostcard allows you to use more photos per postcard
  • You can choose to have blank, personalized postcards sent to you for a handwritten message
  • TouchNote’s app is easier to use
  • TouchNote offers a wider range of products

Check MyPostcard out!

postagram review


Postagram allows you to use the photos on your social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. You can skip the step of uploading your photos to the website or app this way and create your personalized postcard even more quickly. Postagram offers customizable backgrounds and templates that change seasonally so you can always create a new and attractive postcard.

Prices are $2 within the US and $3 internationally, unlike TouchNote’s single price scheme. If cost is important when you choose where to buy postcards, TouchNote is cheaper than Postagram.

Whereas TouchNote quotes that international cards can take up to 10 days to deliver, Postagram says it could take anywhere from 7-21 days to deliver to destinations outside the USA.

  • Postagram is great for social media fans who spend all day on Instagram and Facebook
  • It costs more to send postcards internationally by Postagram than with TouchNote
  • Postagram’s constantly changing seasonal templates are for you if you never want to have your postcards get boring!

Have a look for yourself at Postagram!

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SnapShot Postcard

With SnapShot Postcard, your first postcard is free. Postcards sent to US addresses cost 1 credit whereas postcards sent internationally cost 2 credits. Credits start at just $0.96 if you buy in bulk. This makes SnapShot Postcard slightly cheaper than TouchNote if you’re just going to be sending cards to the USA.

But if you want to send greetings cards or postcards with illustrations, you’ll need to download the corresponding SnapShot Holiday and SnapShot Greeting Card App. With TouchNote you can find them all in the same place. This makes creating all your postcards and greetings cards so much easier than switching back and forth between apps.

  • Your first postcard is free with SnapShot Postcard
  • More complicated to use compared to TouchNote – you have to install multiple apps
  • SnapShot is cheaper for postcards sent to the USA

Click on to explore SnapShot Postcard for yourself.

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Final Words

So if, like me, you’ve been looking for an easier way to stay in touch with family and friends while you’re away travelling or working, consider using TouchNote postcards. You can create high-quality, personalized postcards using your best shots and keep up the connection with your loved ones. Give them a window into your lifestyle and let them know you’re thinking about them at the same time. With worldwide postage included, its a great deal for the travel photographer who’s jetting around to exotic destinations.

I’ve found it so much easier to remain in contact with my friends and family since I started using TouchNote to create postcards.

I hope you’ve found this TouchNote review helpful. Check out Cultured Kiwi for more articles like this!

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