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Travel insurance is an essential investment for every frequent traveler, but the key lies in choosing a reliable company that gets rave reviews. RoamRight is a well-regarded travel insurance company that offers excellent protection with a plethora of policies to select from. In this review, we dig into RoamRight’s offerings, from the scope of their plans to their claim process, to help you determine if RoamRight is your ideal travel insurance partner.

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Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a wise investment for any trip. Unforeseen problems can arise anywhere, and when you’re away from home, having robust coverage becomes even more essential. Travel insurance shields you from unexpected issues. For instance, if you fall ill or get injured in a foreign country, navigating healthcare can be distressing, intimidating, and costly. Travel insurance providers guide you to the necessary treatment and alleviate any financial pressure resulting from medical care expenses.

As travel photographers, we often carry pricey gear such as cameras, lenses, and laptops. Travel insurance ensures you’re covered if your equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen during your trips. If you rely on your gear for income, having this coverage is even more crucial to avoid losing vital files or having to replace expensive tools.

Travel insurance also safeguards you if your trip is partially or entirely canceled. If your flight is delayed, resulting in lost vacation time, you’ll be reimbursed. In the unfortunate event of your entire trip being canceled, you won’t suffer financially.

What Does RoamRight Offer?

RoamRight, a prominent player in the travel insurance industry, has been providing protection and coverage for travelers since 2012. They offer a wide array of travel insurance plans, from single trip coverage to multi-trip plans, perfect for frequent flyers. Most of their policies cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical care, and emergency medical evacuation.

RoamRight’s insurance plans range from basic to elite, catering to everyone depending on their budget and needs. They also offer car rental insurance for added peace of mind when driving a rental vehicle. RoamRight’s policies cover US citizens and permanent residents, both domestically and internationally.

Apart from the outstanding insurance plans RoamRight offers, there are several additional benefits when you buy coverage from this company. The process to get a quote and buy your insurance travel plan with RoamRight is simple and entirely online, eliminating the hassle of paperwork.

Should you need to file a claim, the process is swift, straightforward, and efficient. RoamRight strives to make everything as easy as possible for you, the customer – there’s even a dedicated app you can use.

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RoamRight Travel Insurance: Features and Benefits

Let’s delve into the features and benefits of RoamRight’s travel insurance to understand why they are a popular choice.

Reputable Company

RoamRight has an excellent reputation, a factor of paramount importance for insurance companies. Numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot from satisfied customers attest to the top-notch services provided by RoamRight. This reputable company is known for being user-friendly, supportive, and courteous. As for claims settlements, RoamRight’s process is recognized for its speed and fairness.

Variety of Policies

RoamRight offers a wide range of travel protection plans. These start with the Essential plan for basic coverage and extend up to their Elite plan with the maximum protection. The more pricey the policy, the better the coverage you’ll receive. You can choose between single and annual plans depending on your needs.

The mid-tier Preferred package is the most popular plan. It’s suitable for most travelers, including emergency medical coverage of up to $50,000, medical evacuation of up to $500,000, and baggage insurance up to $1,000. If you’re an adventure seeker who enjoys activities like skydiving or bungee jumping, you can upgrade for Hazardous Sports coverage.

RoamRight also offers the Pro and Pro Plus plans, but these policies are exclusively available from verified RoamRight partners. Designed for travel business professionals, these policies offer top-tier protection for frequent travelers.

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Easy Purchasing Process

Buying your travel insurance from RoamRight is a breeze. You can either call toll-free to speak to a customer service representative for advice and quotes or apply for a free travel insurance quote on their website. You’ll see prices for their relevant packages instantly, and you can make the payment right through their website. You can choose to have your travel documents emailed immediately or opt for them to be mailed, which may take a few days.

Cancel For Any Reason Policy

One of the standout benefits you get with Arch RoamRight products is the Cancel for Any Reason policy. With this exceptional policy, you can simply decide not to go on your trip, and you’ll still be covered for up to 75% of your trip costs. However, you must purchase your trip insurance within 21 days of paying your initial trip deposit to be eligible for this benefit.

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Friendly and Responsive Customer Service

RoamRight’s customer service representatives excel in providing top-notch service, whether online or over the phone. They can advise on the best plan for your individual needs and offer friendly, helpful assistance if any problems arise. You can reach customer service via phone and email, and they even provide several ways to contact them from abroad, including a dedicated international contact number or online. Being a global company, RoamRight offers round-the-clock support.

Children Go Free

With both the Preferred and the Elite packages, one child goes free for every paying adult. This offer makes RoamRight one of the best options for families looking for travel insurance. You’ll save money and worry less knowing that you have access to excellent medical insurance and trip protection if needed.

Easy & Personalized Claims Process

RoamRight offers four ways to file a claim: online, by mail, fax, or email. You can choose the easiest way for you. Filing online is one of the simplest ways to make a claim. Each user gets a dedicated claims examiner who will provide personalized service to help you file your claim. This exceptional, personalized, and responsive service makes RoamRight one of the leading travel insurance providers.

No Paperwork Involved

RoamRight eliminates the hassle of paperwork at every step. Everything is done online, making the process much faster and less complicated. You will receive emails updating you on the progress of your claim at every stage, so you’re always in the loop.

Fair Settlements

RoamRight is known for fair claims settlements. If your policy covers the problem you experienced on your trips and you provide the necessary documentation to prove this, RoamRight will pay out. They provide clear explanations as to why a claim may or may not be accepted.

RoamRight Review: Pros

– Excellent customer service

– Simple, easy process for filing claims

– Handy app available – everything can be done online

– No tiresome paperwork

– A variety of plans for single and multi-trip travel insurance at various prices and coverage

– Several ways to contact RoamRight from abroad

Roamright Review: Cons

– Occasional long hold times when calling Customer Support

– They require extensive documentation for claims submitted, which can sometimes be difficult to obtain

– A few customers reported having to follow up with RoamRight for responses to their claims – but these are rare instances

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RoamRight Reviews: What People are Saying About RoamRight

There are numerous glowing online reviews from satisfied customers who highly recommend RoamRight. Here are a few we found:

Frances A approves of the service: “The representatives with whom I interacted were well trained, professional, and helpful… RoamRight is an excellent travel insurance company for the frequent traveler.”

Stephen T was impressed when he had to file for a claim: “I was surprised at how quick and efficient the process was. From beginning to end, my claim took about 2 weeks to complete.”

Vivian C is another fan of this travel insurance company: “My experience was wonderful. I’ll recommend your services to family and friends.”

RoamRight Review: Travel Insurance Alternatives

If you’re still not sure if RoamRight is the right travel insurance company for you, consider these alternative travel insurance companies.

World Nomads Review

Although RoamRight offers excellent coverage, it’s only valid for US citizens and permanent residents. If you don’t fall into this category, consider World Nomads travel insurance. They provide travel insurance for people from over 150 countries worldwide, making them a fantastic option for digital nomads or full-time travelers looking for annual travel insurance coverage. World Nomads offer coverage for medical emergencies, evacuation, lost baggage or stolen credit cards, trip cancellation, and more. They also cover adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking, and kayaking.

Insure And Go Review

InsureandGo is a comprehensive travel insurance provider that offers straightforward packages for travelers worldwide. Even their budget plans include free kids’ coverage and protect you from over 50 different sports and activities. InsureandGo is a top alternative to RoamRight if you’re looking for affordable travel insurance that you can manage online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is RoamRight good travel insurance?

Yes. RoamRight is a top-notch travel insurance provider, offering trip cancellation and travel medical insurance for adventure, business, and leisure travelers.

What is the best travel insurance?

We recommend RoamRight. You can get a free quote here.

How do I choose travel insurance?

Opt for independent travel insurance and avoid buying from a travel agent, tour operator, or airline as part of a package deal.

Summing Up

RoamRight is a dependable, user-friendly, and straightforward travel insurance company that offers superior customer service and a variety of excellent packages for all types of travelers. Their plans are reasonably priced, with numerous stellar benefits included. If you choose RoamRight for your travel insurance needs, you’ll feel safe and secure, knowing that both your journey and your health are protected during your trip.

Get your free insurance quote (and discount) for your next holiday here!

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