How to Photograph Sunrise (from New Zealand)

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Sunrises and sunsets are magical times of the day. These golden hours themselves are not great subjects for a photo. But, they have the power to give just about any subject that “wow” factor. But how can you take photos of sunrise / sunset? This video will give you a helping hand.

I traveled to the east coast of New Zealand to a place called Waimarama. My plan was to get up before dawn on the 1st of January to see the first glimpse of sun anywhere in the world for 2016. The image below shows that the east coast of NZ is the first in the world to see each new day. This is because it borders the international dateline.

In this video I was the first glimpse of sun for 2016 anywhere on the planet. While working around the reef taking photos of the island I shared my thought process. I hope you can use these tips at sunrise / sunset to improve the quality of your photography.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about post processing the photos. I can make a quick screen capture video to walk you through my editing process.

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