The 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors in 2024

Want to improve your image editing workflow? Here is a list of the 7 best AI photo editors to get stunning images using the power of artificial intelligence.

What Are the 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors

Today, many AI-powered programs can simplify and enrich the way we edit our images. With an AI photo editor, everything is automatic —well, almost—, and you can save hours of manual work when retouching pictures. Besides, now beginners have more user-friendly tools to get professional-quality results in a few clicks.

So, if you want to boost your image editing process, here you will find the 7 best AI photo editing software— including a free online alternative!

Top 7 Best AI Photo Editors for Photographers

This list includes editing tools for photographers at all levels, from novice to experienced. All these options provide great features for creative purposes, and some of them work as plug-ins for Adobe software. That is perfect if you already use Photoshop and Lightroom and want to increase their functionality without switching to another image editor.

That said, here are our top choices for AI photo editing software:

1. Skylum Luminar NEO

Skylum Luminar NEO

Price: $99/Annual or $8.25/Month

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Website: Skylum Luminar NEO

Skylum Luminar NEO is a versatile editing tool that provides impressive results in an intuitive interface for new users. It works as a standalone app and plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos. This program was born as a successor to Luminar NEO and later merged with the popular AI image editor Photolemur 3; right after Skylum bought Photolemur.

Luminar NEO has a wide selection of creative tools for all photography genres: portraits, landscapes, fashion, black and white, and more. Plus, it can analyze any picture and suggest Templates (luminar presets) that you can modify and apply to a series of shots to get a unified style. Alternatively, you can edit images yourself and save the adjustments as templates for later.

Among its most relevant features, we can mention the following:

  • AI Skin: for automatic skin retouching. It removes blemishes and smooths the skin in seconds.
  • AI Face: for portrait enhancement. It slims the face, improves lips and teeth, and provides plenty of options to emphasize the eyes.
  • AI Sky: for sky replacement. It suggests different sky styles and changes the sky in your photo automatically for a more eye-catching landscape.
  • AI Structure: for accentuating details. It adjusts clarity and contrast to add depth to images.

For the most part, Luminar NEO is a solid choice as it ensures a quick retouching process. Yet, it lacks organizational features, layers, and advanced tools for professionals. If you want to know more about Skylum Luminar NEO, you can read our full review here!

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2. Topaz Studio 2

Topaz Studio 2

Price: $99.99

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Website: Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio 2 is a user-friendly AI image editing software for creative editing in a non-destructive workflow. It has layers, masks, several retouching features, filters, selective adjustment tools, and more. Additionally, it works as a standalone app or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

One of its key functions is the AI Clear tool, which uses artificial intelligence to remove noise while sharpening details. It also includes many one-click looks to make your editing process much easier and faster. The only issue is that it has no image management features and no batch editing. Still, Topaz Studio 2 is a comprehensive AI photo editor for beginners and pros.

If you want to know what else this software has to offer, check our in-depth Topaz Studio 2 review!

Topaz Labs AI Tools for Photographers

Besides Studio 2, Topaz Labs offers a series of editing apps/plug-ins equipped with machine learning technology to improve your post-processing workflow:

  • DeNoise AI: for noise removal.
  • Sharpen AI: for fixing out-of-focus pictures.
  • Gigapixel AI: for enlarging images while increasing resolution.
  • Video Enhance AI: for improving video quality.
  • Mask AI: for easy image masking.
  • Adjust AI: for enhancing your photos in seconds.
  • JPEG to RAW AI: for editing JPEG images as RAW files.

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Price: $99.99

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Website: Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a cheaper and more modest version of Photoshop equipped with several AI functions and artistic effects— and it doesn’t require a subscription! It offers plenty of tools from the full version and has powerful editing capabilities overall, but it doesn’t allow as much control and precision as its big sibling.

Photoshop Elements uses Adobe Sensei AI technology (Adobe’s artificial intelligence system) for quick editing. With it, you can replace skies, change the background, create GIFs from static images, remove distractions, and much more. You can even open closed eyes on a subject, make one-click selections, and colorize photos. All in a few seconds.

On top of that, it has Guided Edits to help beginners achieve professional-looking results, and it is super easy to use. Moreover, it has a few organizational tools, face recognition, and auto-tagging. In short, it is an AI photo editing software for novices that combines flexibility and creativity for the average consumer.

4. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR

Price: $99

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Website: Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is probably the best HDR software in the market right now. First of all, it has a clean, intuitive interface that is super easy to understand. Also, it has an AI-based Quantum HDR Engine that ensures excellent image quality and natural-looking results in seconds. Plus, it includes over 80 presets, layers, masks, RAW support, batch processing, and many advanced features.

You can download a free trial for Aurora HDR and use it as a standalone program or plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, or Apple Photos. It is a compelling, versatile, and straightforward AI-powered software for creative HDR photographers.

Want to know more about it? Read our in-depth Aurora HDR review!

5. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

Price: $79.99 for the Standard license / $99.99 for the Ultimate license

Compatibility: Windows

Website: Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is a one-time buy alternative to Photoshop. It features many practical tools for image editing, graphic design, and digital art. Unfortunately, it is available for Windows users only.

Its most relevant features include layers, AI-powered tools —such as AI Portrait Mode and AI Background Replacement—, vector editing, brushes, textures, patterns, multiple workspaces, filters, templates for quick designs, HDR, and 360° camera support. In addition to that, it has image management features for a smooth workflow.

As you can see, Corel PaintShop Pro is a full-featured program that allows you to do practically everything you would do in Photoshop but at a lower cost. Also, it is compatible with several third-party plugins, including Adobe, DxO, and Topaz Labs software. Moreover, there are many tutorials online to learn how to use it, which makes it perfect for beginners.

If you are curious to see everything this software can offer, you can download a 30-day free trial on their website.

6. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 365

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 365

Price: $54.99 per year

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Website: Cyberlink PhotoDirector 365

PhotoDirector 365 is a powerful AI photo editing software for photographers and content creators. It offers a first-class set of tools powered by artificial intelligence for sky replacement, quick selections and masking, deblurring, portrait retouching, and more. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it has an intuitive interface with lots of creative functions for digital artists.

On top of that, it has layer support, selective editing tools, photo animation features, camera lens corrections, visual effects, templates, and filters. Besides, a subscription will get you access to Shutterstock photos and audio files, LUTs color presets, fonts, constant updates, and more benefits. Nevertheless, you could buy a lifetime license with limited functions if you prefer.

In essence, PhotoDirector 365 is a high-end, compelling image editing software that remains easy to use for beginners. What’s more, it has an online learning center to help you get started.

7. Vance AI

Vance AI

Price: Free for a limited version / paid plans from $9.90 per month

Compatibility: online

Website: Vance AI

Last but not least, Vance AI is an online AI photo editing software with an extensive toolbox for easy image retouching. To give you a glimpse of everything you can do with this app, here are its main features:

  • Background removal tool.
  • Image sharpener.
  • Noise reduction tool.
  • Image compressor.
  • Photo enlarger.
  • JPEG artifact remover.
  • Photo restorer.
  • Photo colorizer.
  • Photo retoucher.
  • Image editor with functions for cropping and resizing.

All these tools use advanced AI technology that provides high-quality pictures in seconds. Generally speaking, the results are pretty impressive despite being an online solution. Yet, you can’t expect as much control as you would have with specialized software with RAW support.

Initially, Vance AI offers modest tools for quick editing at no cost— which might be helpful for users who can’t run professional software on their computers. But, sadly, the free version is quite limited. So, if you want to see its full potential, you must pay for a subscription plan.

Bonus: Lensa – Artificial Intelligence Photo Editor for Mobile Devices


Price: Free / Annual subscription for $19.99 per year / Monthly subscription for $4.99 per month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Website: Lensa

If you are looking for mobile AI photo editors, Lensa may be your winner choice. Developed by Prisma Labs, Lensa is an all-in-one editing app with easy-to-use features for portrait enhancement, background replacement, bokeh, and exposure and color adjustments.

In a nutshell, this app is quick and straightforward. It offers a clean, simple interface for novices and non-photographers, but it still provides a versatile toolkit to edit any picture directly from your smartphone. Additionally, it has creative filters and extra tools for making fun and eye-catching compositions. All this makes it an ideal app for social media creators.

Likewise, Lensa is perfect for editing selfies, as it has intelligent functions to enhance the skin texture, remove imperfections, and fine-tune details. It includes intuitive sliders for teeth whitening, eye contrast, lips color, eyebrows retouching, and more.

If you want to test the app for yourself, Lensa is free to download, but you can only edit up to 5 photos per week free of charge. For unlimited editing capabilities, you will have to pay for a subscription plan.

Which AI Photo Editing Software Should You Use?

Which AI Photo Editing Software Should You Use

When choosing photo editing software, there are three key aspects to consider: your photography style, your experience, and of course, your budget. Moreover, you should pick an alternative with RAW support for better results. And, if you can find tutorials and training resources online, that is definitely a plus.

Remember that no matter how expensive a program is, if it doesn’t fit your needs as a photographer, it won’t work. Your goal should be to invest in editing apps that improve your workflow, not the opposite.

That said, before buying anything, you must define what kind of photos you want to do and what do you need to get there. Otherwise, you could fall short on features or waste money on complex tools you don’t really need. And, by the way, there are excellent software solutions for all photographers and wallets, so don’t go crazy.

All of the options we included in this list are great for novices and pros. What’s more, they all offer a free trial, so you can determine if they suit your needs and preferences. But, if you want general recommendations, here are a few suggestions:

  • For beginners: Luminar NEO, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, Vance AI.
  • For creative artists and pros: Topaz Studio 2, Aurora HDR, Corel PaintShop Pro, Luminar NEO.
  • For content creators: Cyberlink PhotoDirector 365, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Lensa.

Wrap Up

wrap up

As technology evolves, we get better tools for taking, sharing, and retouching photos. And now, artificial intelligence is transforming the way we edit photos. Today, we can turn hours of tiring work into an automatic and quick process. So, it seems that AI technology will be the future of image editing— and we love it.

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