Top 18 Things To Do In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most unique places in the world. We’ve put together 18 of the best things to do in Lanzarote. Let’s take a look at the volcanoes, wineries beaches, and many more.

things to do in lanzarote

As part of our travel series, we’ve visited some amazing places on this planet. From the castles in France, Snowdonia National Park, and even White Island New Zealand. We try to provide you with some inspiration for your next journey and teach you how to do the same.

Lanzarote is a great destination, whether you’re looking for golden beaches, beautiful nature, great walks, or just a lazy, relaxing break.

Located in the Canary Islands, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to stuff to do on your summer holiday. If you’re wondering about things to do in Lanzarote, here are our recommendations for the top Lanzarote attractions and the best things to do on this truly unique island.

things to do in lanzarote

The Best Things To Do in Lanzarote

There’s such a variety of things to do in Lanzarote that it can be hard to choose what to do during your holiday! Here are our recommendations for the top activities and attractions in Lanzarote:

camel ride lanzarote

Explore Inside a Volcano

You can’t not visit a volcano when you’re staying on Lanzarote. Montano Cuervo, located in the Los Volcanes National Park, is one of the top Lanzarote attractions – don’t miss it!

You can walk through breathtaking volcanic scenery, mount to the top of Montano Cuervo, and even descend inside it. Where else can you explore inside the heart of a volcano?

All along the trail, you’ll find helpful signs which give more detail on the volcano, which first erupted in 1730. This is a gentle walk that lasts around one hour and is suitable for most people. Just make sure you wear sensible footwear!

Visit César Manrique’s home

It goes without saying that César Manrique, an iconic artist, and architect, was a significant figure on the island of Lanzarote – his influence can be seen everywhere. It’s well worth making the trip to visit his fascinating house in Tahiche, now a museum and one of Lanzarote’s top attractions.

See it as an introduction to the famous artist before you explore his other sites on the island, from the viewpoint of Mirador del Rio to the famous Jameos del Agua. You can also buy a ticket here which includes visits to his other sites and save some money too. The 3,000 square metre building was constructed on top of five lava bubbles, which have been transformed into groups that are linked by lava tunnels.

The whole ground floor is given over to sculptures and works of art by Manrique’s contemporaries, including pieces by Picasso, Millares, and Saura – but the views outside are just as spectacular. You can look out over the black volcanic basalt, the gardens bursting with flowers and fruit trees, and spectacular sea views. It’s not hard to understand why Manrique picked this spot to live in for over 20 years!

farma beach lanzarote

Watch the Sunset at Famara Beach

Famara Beach is famed for its jaw-droppingly beautiful sunsets. If the conditions are just right, you’ll be treated to the sight of the Famara cliffs reflected back in the clear, crystal waters. You’ll be hard-pushed to find such a spectacular sight anywhere else on the island.

Photographers flock here to attempt to capture these amazing scenes, so don’t expect to have the place to yourself. Don’t let this put you off though! Whether you create some beautiful images or just drink in the moment, you’ll be glad you came.

Visit a Secluded Island

La Graciosa is only accessible by boat, and when you arrive, you can take in the unbroken tranquillity of the location. There are no roads here, just pristine beaches, stunning volcanic scenery, and small seaside restaurants which serve up the best of the day’s catch. You can hire bikes to tour the island or take a slower pace and explore on foot. The island can get busy, so if you want to see it at its best, aim to arrive early before the crowds.

Descend Into a Lava Tunnel

Entering the Cueva de Los Verdes is like descending into another world, full of weird and wonderful rock formations. This legendary place was created by the eruption of Monte Corona thousands of years ago, and now you can rediscover it with the help of a guided tour.

This is a truly unique experience and one of the best activities in Lanzarote. As you walk through almost a mile of underground lava tunnels in every shade from black to red, grey, and ochre, your tour guide will entertain you with the ancient myths and legends associated with these caves.

Helpful tip: Wear comfy, practical shoes, as you’ll be walking across rocky and sometimes slippery terrain. For the best experience, try not to Google this one too much before you arrive – some things are best seen with your own eyes!

tropical island lanzarote

Check Out the Viewpoint at Mirador del Rio

Make sure you visit Mirador del Rio on a clear day so you can truly experience the stunning panoramic views here. Often described as the best viewpoint on the island, you’ll be greeted by spectacular views of the Archipelago Chinijo Park and even La Graciosa island.

A fortress was first built here in the latter part of the 19th century. Now, you’ll find a cleverly designed café-bar, another architectural masterpiece by Manrique. Take in the views while you sip a glass of cold white wine – you’ll find it hard to pull yourself away from this beauty spot.

Take a Coach Tour Through Timanfaya National Park

There’s nothing quite like the stunning landscape of the Timanfaya National Park, covered with striated rock formations and black volcanic rock as far as the eye can see. Covering a large western section of the island, you’ll be amazed by how far this volcanic landscape reaches.

It’s definitely a sight to see for yourself. If you’re looking for stuff to do, this should keep you busy for at least half a day. The only way to visit the Park is by coach tour, which will take you through the volcanic countryside on the one road that runs through the area. As you drive through Timanfaya, the unique and diverse landscape will cause you to marvel as you pass huge boulders and smooth lava flows. It’s almost like being transported to another world entirely!

You’ll climb to the summit of the Islote de Hilario volcano, where the El Diablo restaurant is located. Here, you’ll come to understand the impressive heat of the volcano, as the staff members demonstrate how it can boil water in just seconds. If you feel like it, you can dine in the restaurant on meat cooked with the geothermal heat of the volcano itself – there’s something oddly exciting about just knowing this.

cactus field

Explore the Gorgeous Cactus Garden

Another work of César Manrique’s, is the perfect place for anything with a love of cacti and succulents. Originally an old quarry site, Manrique worked his magic here too. You’ll find 450 different types of cacti from all over the world here, displayed in a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing manner. It’s such a unique and relaxing place to wander around, all overlooked by an authentic, restored windmill. You’ll snap some great shots here!

arrecife lanzarote

Take a Boat Ride to Papagayo Beach

Papagayo beach is one of the most pristine and beautiful on the island – and also one of the hardest to get to! You can only reach Papagayo Beach on foot, walking along neighboring beaches, or by boat – but don’t let this put you off!

The wilderness of the landscape, the relative calm, and the crystal clear waters in this cove make this an ideal spot for a day on the beach. This southern tip of the island, covered in ravines and rocky peaks, is the most ancient area of Lanzarote, dating back more than 14 million years.

The beach and cove itself are sheltered, warm, and protected from the elements. Take the scenic route along the beaches from Playa Blanca (roughly 2km), or simply hop on the waterbus. You’ll be glad you made the journey to this beauty of a beach.

san gabriel lanzarote

Go For a Dive

Lanzarote is the perfect destination to go snorkeling or scuba diving. With a wide variety of local fish and even some shipwrecks to see, you won’t regret packing your snorkel and fins. Take a scuba diving class if you’re a beginner, or set off to discover Lanzarote’s many coves and beaches for yourself.

Surfing or Kiteboarding at Famara Beach

We mentioned that Famara Beach was one of the best locations for watching the sunset, but that’s not all on offer here. It’s also one of the top beaches for surfing, kiteboarding, or windsurfing on Lanzarote. You’ll find amazing conditions here which will ensure plenty of sport and great waves to ride.

If you’re just a beginner, check out Surf School Lanzarote. You can sign up either for individual lessons or group courses with their experienced teachers.

cactus field lanzarote

Dive Down Deep in a Submarine

Another way to explore under the sea is by booking a submarine dive from Puerto Calero. This is a great activity for all the family – your kids will get so excited by the idea of being in a real yellow submarine. During the hour-long dive, you’ll explore along the seabed, see a variety of brightly colored fish, and even pass two shipwrecks.

Cameras outside the submarine film exactly what’s happening, and you can watch on individual screens, safely inside the sub.

Spend the Day at the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park

Another family favorite, there will be smiles all around at the Rancho Texas Park. Part zoo, part water park, it’s the ideal day trip if you’re traveling with children. Let them burn off some energy, whizz down the slides, and then cool off in the pools.

Animal-lovers can see tigers, cougars, American bison, armadillos, exotic birds, and plenty of scaly reptiles too. You can even swim with the resident dolphins and sea lions for an extra cost!

If you’ve got your heart set on these special animal interaction experiences, make sure you book in advance so that you’re not disappointed on the day. The opening times for the park are from 9:30 to 5:30, 7 days a week.

lanzarote beach

Chill Out at the Beach

It may seem like an obvious thing to suggest, but don’t get too busy seeing the sights to miss the miles of golden sands that Lanzarote has to offer. What could be more relaxing than a day soaking up the sunshine and sipping a cocktail on the beach?

Everyone needs some downtime, and you’ll feel rejuvenated after a chilled-out day on Lanzarote’s beaches. If you’re more active, the waters are warm enough for swimming or surfing! Some of the best spots include the beaches at Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, and Puerto del Carmen.

la geria wine lanzarote

Wine Tasting in a Local Vineyard

You might not imagine that Lanzarote is the right environment for producing wine. But, by using clever techniques such as stone walls to provide protection for the grapes, delicious wines are produced right here on the island.

Where better to taste the local wines than in the beautiful surroundings of their very own vineyards. La Geria is a popular vineyard to visit, but El Grifo is also worth a visit – there’s a museum here, and you’ll find fewer crowds too.

la geria lanzarote

Experience a Carnival in Lanzarote

Carnival season is a big thing in Lanzarote! If you’re visiting during the peak Carnival season of February and March, there’s likely to be a party happening somewhere. Carnival festivities take place in cities, towns, and villages across Lanzarote, and the atmosphere is like nothing else!

Locals and visitors get dressed up to look their best, head out, and party all day and night. It’s a great way to experience the local culture and have an awesome time, too!

Swim in a Lagoon

If you’re looking for a great spot to spend the day swimming, head to the Caleton Blanca Lagoon near Orzola. Here, you’ll find dazzling white sands and an inviting, natural lagoon of sapphire-blue water. It’s best to get here at high tide if you can.

You’ll find both shallow areas, ideal for families with young children, and deeper pools where you can have a proper swim. The area is tranquil and calm, and a real sun trap, perfect for swimming, splashing and sunbathing.

lanzarote beach

Visit Jameos del Agua, where natural and man-made beauty meet

César Manrique took this neglected lava tunnel and transformed it into one of the most popular sights on the island. Here, you’ll find lava caverns, an underground lake home to blind white crabs, a sparkling blue pool, an amphitheater, a museum, restaurants, and more.

The unique beauty of the volcanic landscape is perfectly complemented by some carefully-planned, man-made additions to make this a beautiful spot for tourists and locals alike.

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The Wrap Up

With so much going on, Lanzarote is an amazing destination to spend your holidays! There really is something for everyone and such a cool, laidback vibe too. Lanzarote is definitely a great location with sunny weather and affordable prices.

It easily rivals Tenerife or Las Palmas in Gran Canaria when it comes to holiday destinations in Europe! If you’re tempted by all the exciting activities and attractions Lanzarote has to offer, why not book your flights for this summer? Got friends with the travel bug too?

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